1st Target. Centralized Free API Service that process decentralized micro payments.
Implementation @ 1,200 ETH worth of CXCASH.
1st Burn. 1% of Remaining CXCASH.

2nd Target. Decentralized API Service that process DMPS.
Implementation @ 15,000 ETH worth of CXCASH.
2nd Burn. 9% of Remaining CXCASH.

3rd Target. Exchange CXS Tokens to the minable coin.
Implementation @ 69,000 ETH worth of CXCASH.
3rd Burn. 90% of Remaining CXCASH.

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Initial Supply: ¢1,000,000,000
Decimals: 18
Contract: 0xF624cdac9c4599d4577E94Cf1E4850F4Bf412F9e

Public Liquidity: 18% of investment will go back to the liquidity pools.

Development: 15% of investment will be used for developing APIs (Application programming interface ) and GUIs (Graphical user interface ).

Community Rewards: 2% of tokens will be distributed between holders and the supportive community.

Decentralized Reserve: 65% of tokens will be held in CXCASH Reserve System, and will be released and available at the time of final implementation.

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CXCASH = Blockchain Solutions + AI + Innovative Evolution

Decentralized Micropayment System; the solution which will bring back value to the market by offering, low gas/network fee, simple and user friendly APIs and GUI’s, cost reduction in storing/mining equipments, capability of processing micro transactions, Quantum Computing Solutions, and more.

CXCASH is built using web technologies and runs in most modern web browsers, and it is the world’s first fully-decentralized RTC API. Holders explore an infinite, procedurally-generated assets by; expanding their nodes, engaging in diplomacy with other holders, and trading tokens/coins, precious artifacts, data, anything valuable, and even CPU hashpower.

Website: https://cx.cash

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